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I work as a CMS consultant specializing in the Tridion CMS so this site is mainly about Tridion but I also cover Sitefinity, c#, .net, css, accessibility, Javascript, jQuery and other general web development issues.

There are so many helpful people on the web who have taken the time to freely share their knowledge and experience through their websites, web logs, forums and online presentations. It's about time that I contributed myself. Its not a big site, but I have to start somewhere.

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  • Content Management code samples, methods, hints and tips for Tridion and Sitefinty.

  • SDL Tridion TMCS Outgoing Email Queue monitor sample report showing the email distribution list volumes, delivery rates, delivery times and processing performance.

  • Nautica one column layout sample web template from Studio7Designs http://www.studio7designs.com/

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