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Building Accessible websites with Tridion R5

January 20, 2006

Accessibilty is a legal requirement in many European countries. Chris Mills explains how to meet WAI standards with Tridion R5 at the Tridion Knowledge Day, Amsterdam.

After working on a proposal for a Tridion whitepaper on accessibility for the launch of Tridion R5.2 with Ronald Wanink, Product Manager at Tridion, I was invited to present at the Tridion Knowledge Day in Amsterdam 20th January 2006.

Presenting to a packed audience of Tridion clients I gave real world practical examples from Tridion sites I have built for the Office for National Statistics and Liverpool City Council on a wide range of topics including:

  • Accessibility - Audience,
  • WAI guidelines
  • RNIB accessibility for the UK
  • Web browser testing, how to quickly test the site in a wide range of browsers using Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare
  • Tridion schema, metadata schema, embeddable schema, page template, component template and template building block sample code
  • HTML and CSS compliance
  • Page layout without tables
  • How to produce a Text version of the site at no extra cost with no extra publishing
  • Server side browser detection and alternate style sheet selection
  • Correct semantic use of HTML mark-up
  • Component Meta data for image alt tags, longdesc and title
  • Component Meta data for multimedia downloads, file type icon, file size, download time and how to implement download functionality
  • Component Meta data for search engine Meta publication either in page or external search
  • Access keys and Tab order
  • Automatic Navigation generation at publication time
  • Proper content structure with embedded schema (h1, h2, h3, p tags)
  • How to ensure the site has No broken links, internal and external
  • Forms, how to make accessible WebForms
  • Tables, how to create accessible tables
  • External meta data scheme management, XML integration with Tridion CMS . UK Government Metadata Category list example, GCL and LGCL
  • Using Metadata with IIS and Index Server for local search facility
  • Techniques for managing Themed sections of the publication for better user experience
  • Automatic Navigation history, breadcrumb trail creation at publication time
  • Managing without JavaScript
  • Liquid layout and client scaleable fonts

Posted by:Chris Mills

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