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New Tridion Content: TMCS, Maintenance and XSLT

July 02, 2010

Tridion Newsletter 1st July 2010 New Tridion topics added to the site this week include a mail queue monitor for TMCS mail queues, some hints on keeping your CMS running well with scheduled maintenance tasks and an item explaining why you need to filter user pasted in content and how to do it. More Tridion stuff is added on a regular basis but I plan to add some Event code samples and a video demo of my Content Porter Data Explorer.

Tridion Communications Mail Queue Monitor

Tridion Marketing and Communications Outbound Email can be used to send targeted newsletters, daily news, breaking news to numerous distribution groups.

It can handle millions of emails a day, and in large systems the business and marketing users want to know that their messages have been sent to their distribution subscription groups.

So I built a simple Tridion custom page to show the progress of the email queue.

Image Alt Text


Tridion Scheduled Maintenance Tasks

There are a number of regular housekeeping tasks that you should perform to keep your CMS running well.

Back in 2008 I created a simple script to run as a scheduled task on all of the Tridion servers.


Filtering Tridion Content with XSLT

Controlling Pasted In Content

An editor wants to paste some content into Tridion, but we don't want all of the hidden extra baggage that can break our published pages.

This is where the XSLT Filter comes to the rescue!

Content that is cut from Microsoft Word or Excel contain a large amount of application specific tags that you don't want in you published web pages. Copying content from old HTML pages may contain outdated tags or formatting tags that will break your web site style if you don't remove them.



Coming Soon...

Tridion Event Code Samples

I have written a lot of event code over the years in VB,, c# and even j#. I just need to dig out some useful examples to help you get started. I'll include lots of handy hints that make life easier when starting out with the Event System.

Content Porter Intermediate File Set Explorer

I want to include some video demos in my site, so I thought this would make a good demo. A while ago I was doing a lot of Content Porter work which involve learing much more than I ever wanted to know about Tridion Content Porter and the xml files it exports. I build an HTML Application (HTA) to open the index, build a navigation tree to navigate and display the xml whith full colour syntax highlighting to make it easier to read and understand what exactly goes into a Content Porter file set. This was in the days before jQuery so it's a a bit rough around the edges, I may rewite it the jQuery ajax way and make it into a Server application one day.

Posted by:Chris Mills

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