To Do List

My Sitefinity site is a work in progress. It's not just that it needs more content,  I haven't finished with the functionality, accessibility, templates, controls, search engine, page optimization...

Well you get the idea, but I need to get the site active as soon as I can, so here are my lists.

To Do

  • add RSS
  • Google Ads
  • add Google Maps demo
  • add Windows Live demos
  • create custom web control for JING streaming video content
  • add gravatar to web log comments
  • create BAD words filter and remove web log comment moderation
  • repoint test domain and to WinHost and configure email
  • optimize html, page requests, reduce scripts, add caching  and recheck performance and compliance
  • check yslow performance, w3c compliance, xhtml compliance,  wai compliance , css compliance
  • retest in IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and fix up specific CSS niggles
  • add browser detection and browser specific css


  • add custom error pages
  • add newsletter subscription pages
  • register sitemap.xml with google, bing, ask, yahoo and recheck search engine ranking
  • check search engine ranking before sitemap registration
  • tidy up content
  • Update all meta descriptions and keywords
  • Encrypt web.config connectionstrings and smtp sections
  • add print stylesheet
  • add css style to web logs template
  • add css style to news template
  • schedule server task to rebuild sitemap.xml daily
  • create basic site map summary page with meta description  and keywords
  • add image width and height to news and blogs pages
  • Add metadata description  and keywords to Weblog Pages, customise Admin/ControlTemplates/Blogs templates for descrition and keywords
  • Add metadata description  and keywords to News Pages, customise Admin/ControlTemplates/News templates for descrition and keywords
  • create metadata user control to include weblog and news keywords and description
  • create MVP nomination control and configure smtp email
  • add meta data Dublin Core
  • create html control adapters for <head>, <meta>, <title> and <link> to fix line breaks
  • add google prettyprint jQuery for code samples
  • create search engine sitemap.xml generator
  • create page info control for all pages
  • add searchbox, search results page  and configure
  • add what's new summary custom control to home page
  • add news summary custom control for home page
  • add in page title custom control
  • remove css background image class
  • add jQuery to relocate powered by Sitefinity Logo to footer
  • create CM logo and add favicon
  • create secondary navigation custom web control
  • create Apple Mac style breadcrumb navigation custom web control
  • create footer custom web control
  • add superfish jQuery to suckerfish navigation
  • create suckerfish navigation custom web control
  • create nested master pages for one ,two and three column layouts
  • create site master page based on web template
  • modify web log template to add  basic CAPTCHA
  • test web log comments fields for XSS
  • configure weblog and web log page moderated comments
  • configure news summary and news item page 
  • find free semantic XHTML pure CSS web template
  • open live site in Visual Web Developer 2010 through ftp connection
  • install Sitefinity Community Edition on DiscountASP
  • create SQL 2008 database for Sitefinity on DiscountASP
  • remove all content and shutdown NetworkSolutions hosting
  • test DiscountASP
  • IIS Manager rewrite rules for and domains
  • setup IIS Manager for remote sites on DiscountASP
  • repoint and domains to DiscountASP and configure email
  • sign up with DiscountASP hosting
  • setup IIS Manager for remote sites on WinHost
  • repoint domain to Winhost and configure email
  • test Winhost
  • sign up with Winhost
  • find .net hosting
  • choose a free CMS
  • research .net CMS

Bug List

  • Breadcrumb navigation positioning diferences cross browser, correct in IE7, offset in other browsers  
  • Sitefinity needs "form" "name" attribute for the editor to work this is not xhtml strict compliant,created htmlform controladapter to remove the name attribute works but breaks the Sitefinity editor for editing pages
  • Search does not work from search page

Bugs Fixed

  • Web log article pages have JavaScript error - superfish jQuery fails , remove telerik jquery include from template
  • News article pages have JavaScript error - superfish jQuery failsWeb , remove telerik jquery include from template
  • Log  article page meta description is incorrect , it shows the summary meta description instead of the detail meta description
  • News  article page meta description is incorrect , it shows the summary meta description instead of the detail meta description
  • meta description needs to be Server.HtmlEncoded , created HtmlMetaAdapter
  • blog images do not have width or height , created ImageControlAdapter
  • Powered by Sitefinity logo appears in middle of page, used jQuery to move it to footer
  • Sitefinity page edit layout disrupted by page background class, removed class 

Created: Monday 14th June 2010 8:07 AM
Last Modified: Wednesday 30th June 2010 3:40 PM LinkedIn link: View Chris Mills' profile on LinkedIn
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