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Maintaining SDL Tridion Databases

There are a number of database maintentance tasks that can be scheduled by your database administrator to keep your CMS running well.

TCM Queue_Messages Table

Delete queued messages of type 1 (publisher) and type 3(search)

Message type id

  • Publisher
  • Transport
  • Search
  • Workflow

Normally this queue information is short lived but sometimes messages remain in this table that will never be processed.

Many Tridion processes use this table so it must be monitored and maintained to remove these old messages.

Large numbers of messages in this table will slow all processes and cause database deadlocks.

Normally there will be a few thousand messages in this queue.

Stored Procedure to clear this useless data

begin tran 
from queue_messages 
where queue_id in (1, 3) 
and schedule_time is null 
and processing_consumer_id is null 


TMCS Emails Table

Delete “rendered_content” data from emails over 30 days old

Update Statistics

Every 6 hours

Logging databases

Truncate “tridion_cm_log” “EVENTLOG” table every month

Database Backup

Daily Backup of databases

  • Tridion_cm

  • Tridion_cm_log

  • Tridion_cm_email

  • Tridion_Broker

  • Tridion_tracking

Workflow Process Histories

Tridion recommend no more than 1000 items in this list and a daily purge

Old workflow histories

Remove old workflow history

Publish Transactions

Tridion recommend no more than 1000 items in this list and a daily purge

Old publishing queue publish transactions

Remove failed published transactions older than 1 month




More information on Tridion World

Link to Julian Wraith's article on Tridion Database maintenance at


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