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Tridion Event Code

This section is about the Tridion Event system, which provides hundred of hooks into the Tridion CMS process to enable us to add in all sorts of custom functionallity and automate the editorial process' to make life simpler for the content editors.

Of the hundreds of events you will find that only a few may be needed to accomplish basic automation.

  • OnComponentSavePre Event triggered BEFORE a Component is saved
  • OnComponentSavePost Event triggered AFTER a Component is saved
  • OnFolderSavePre Event triggered BEFORE a folder is saved
  • OnFolderSavePost Event triggered AFTER a folder is saved
  • OnStructureGroupDeletePost Event triggered AFTER a Structure Group is deleted
  • OnStructureGroupSavePost Event triggered AFTER a Structure Group is saved
  • OnStructureGroupPasteItemPost Event triggered AFTER an item is pasted into a Structure Group

The sample code will show how to implement in c#, classic vb and sometimes j#. Microsoft dropped j# some years ago but these examples may help Java guys transition to c# or

Depending on your choice of programming language you will need to get a basic template for your events dll, you will then need to update the template to add in the new events depending on the version of Tridion you are using. Most of the code I present is for Tridion 5.2 so you will have to add in the new events or the dll will not compile.


The code samples use a compact Hungarian style code name prefix convention .

  • o     Object
  • str   String
  • i     Integer
  • b     Boolean
  • e     ENUM



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