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Tridion Scheduled Maintenance Tasks

There are a number of regular housekeeping tasks that you should perform to keep your CMS running well.

Back in 2008 I created a simple script to run as a scheduled task on all of the Tridion servers.

The script only deals with the file system maintenance tasks, for database maintenance tasks go to Database Maintenance.

 Key features of the script

  • Runs every day as a Windows Scheduler task
  • Self configuring, the script determines all file maintenance paths by reading the Tridion configuration files, IIS configuration and system environment variables

  • The running server services determine which maintenance tasks need to be run

  • Creates a detailed log file of all maintenance tasks executed

  • Windows Event log notification of the status of maintenance task on completion

  • Configurable file maintenance rules

Self Configuring Maintenance

When you have a large number of servers in your Tridion environment, each running different services it can be troublesome to ensure that the correct maintenance tasks are run on each machine.

To avoid this problem the script determines what Tridion services are installed and running by 

  • reading machine environment variables
  • querying IIS configuration to see what web applications are configured
  • building a dictionary of the Tridion Services on the machine
  • reading the various Tridion config files. 

Auto configuration

Maintenance tasks

The Script



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