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Tridion Communications Mail Queue Monitor

Tridion Marketing and Communications Outbound Email can be used to send targeted newsletters, daily news, breaking news to numerous distribution groups.

It can handle millions of emails a day, and in large systems the business and marketing users want to know that their messages have been sent to their distribution subscription groups.

So I built a simple Tridion custom page to show the progress of the email queue.

Image Alt Text

The custom page to show the TMCS outgoing email queue is implemented by using a SQL stored procedure to query the TMCS database.

The query returns the data as XML which is cached on the file system to reduce loading on the database.

The XML data file is transformed to HTML with a simple presentation transform

Implemented in three files

with the xml presentation data stored in tmcsshowqueuehistory.xml


Created: Monday 24th May 2010 11:26 AM
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